Beach House Candle - Sand Dollar

Vital Industries

Beach House Candle - Sand Dollar

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This thoughtfully blended and hand-poured soy candle captures the atmosphere of summer to transform your space into a nautical paradise. Burn the candle when you're missing the beach, and after you've enjoyed every last bit wash the glass with hot soapy water to enjoy your favorite vacation beverage (did we mention the container is reusable as a cocktail glass)

This olfactory treasure is available with a navy starfish. Our hand poured candles are 100% USA grown soy wax and weigh in at 8 oz.. The rocks glass is 11 oz., and screen printed/made in the USA.

Vitals Signature Scents:

Beach House - If you love the beach you will love this scent. This scent will remind you of sitting on your beach towel waterside catching some rays and enjoying the fresh air.