Brandless Candle
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Brandless Candle

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8oz Brandless Candles-Leave them blank or you can add your own labels to brand your store! You can buy them in all of our scents. Brandless candles come in a blank gift box that you can easily add your own labels to. ** All requested custom warning labels include your company's name and website. Please confirm your store name and company's web address you would like on your warning label by sending us a message on Faire. ** *Please Note that Brandless Candles take up to 7 business days lead time before shipping. *We recommend using a 2.75"X2.75" for your box label, however every store is different and it is up to you what labels you choose to add or not. Some customers leave the glass blank, and others add glass and box labels. Some customers even label their lids, which we recommend using a 2" label if you plan to do so. It is totally up to you, but please let us know if you have any questions and we are happy to help.

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