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Grace Oliver's: The smell of salty ocean air dances with warm spicy florals and rich woods as the afternoon tides leave behind hints of sea salt and sun kissed sweet amber. Grace Oliver will carry you away to relaxing summer days spent tucked away in a sandy beach cove, our favorite seaside escape.

Devereux: The Devereux candle has been a fan favorite in our home these days. Refreshing hints of citrus awaken the senses while intoxicating aromas of sea salt and florals are warmed by sunny notes of oak and moss to make you feel like your back at your favorite beach spot.

Crocker Park: The Crocker Park candle is a woody oceanic blend of jasmine and sandalwood blanketed by generous accounts of white musk and patchouli.

Coordinates: Surround yourself in comfort. Golden amber mingled with decadent aromas of cedar wood, tonka, and oud are wrapped in hints of warm vanilla to make anywhere smell like home.

Fort Sewall: The Fort Sewall candle is a familiar scent with a modern twist. Refreshing hints of citrus and exotic florals are perfectly paired with the distinguished aromas of cedar, sandalwood, and musk to create this masculine, yet warm and delicate fragrance. Turn back time as this iconic comforting candle fills your home.

Peach's Point: Even though you won't find any peach trees on Peach's Point, this velvety blend is a peach lover's dream! Splashes of fresh orange dance on ripe peach elevating the natural fruit aromas while sheer undertones of musk and vanilla add a softness to this fruity accord.

Lighthouse Point: Immerse yourself in the waves crashing onto the rocky coastline and the most beautiful panoramic view of the little town we love so much. Notes of citrus and ozone are paired with sea salt and a touch of jasmine and then balanced out by light musk to create this clean oceanic scent that captures the aromas of the churning sea and salty ocean air. 

Driftwood: "Meet me at the Driftwood". The 5 words you never get tired of hearing. Bring the warmth of this local hot spot anywhere with this comforting, yet familiar fragrance. Notes of freshly ground coffee start this scent of strong, while just a splash of cream and sugar adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Transform any space into a morning at the Driftwood with this freshly brewed coffee scent.

Brown's Island: Drop the anchor, sit back, relax, and soak in that warm, summer sun. Sweet notes of coconut mingled with woody notes of sandalwood and cedar will have you reminiscing of days were sunscreen and swimsuits are the only things required.

Little Harbor: When you think of Little Harbor there's a pretty good chance you're thinking of lobster. As much as we love lobster, we decided to let lobster to sit this one out. Instead, we bring you a little slice of lemon, lobsters trusty sidekick. Bright notes of citrus and sugar are paired with lemon verbena and lemongrass to create this fresh lemony scent that is as bright and refreshing as a summer day on the coast.

Castle Rock: Majestic with a hint of mysterious. Sweet notes of orange awaken the senses while accents of cedar and patchouli create a sense of calm. Lingering undertones of incense and tonka add depth to create this sweet, spicy, and earthy blend. 

Preston: Preston smells like how a walk on the beach barefoot feels. Notes of crisp linen and ozone compliment the sea salt core keeping this scent light, while moss adds depth to create this peaceful oceanic blend. This clean and airy scent will leave you feeling recharged and refreshed. 

Seas and Greetings: Cozy and comforting. This classic Fraser fir scent is blended with just a hint of amber to give it that cozy, warm feeling. It is the perfect candle for setting the holiday mood or creating those cozy vibes we all love so much on a quiet winter night by the fire.

Christmas Walk: Reminiscent of what home should feel like on a crisp winter day. Notes of cranberry are enhanced by a spritz of orange and then married with cinnamon and clove on a base of french vanilla.

Spirit of 76: Our oud to a piece of history (see what we did there). Frankincense and amber create  resinous woody notes that are intermingled with smoke and bound together by a hint of leather to capture the image of the Spirit of '76. This earthy combo will having you feeling cozy in no time, just like you are snuggled up with your favorite blanket fire side. 

Handcrafted & poured in our lovely little Seaside Town!

Burn Time: 30-35 Hours Wax: SOY!