Marblehead Wax Melts

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Marblehead Wax Melts

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Our wax melts are a safe and flame-free way to enjoy your favorite Marblehead Candle Company scent. Since our wax melts are flame-free a wax warmer is required. We recommend starting with 1-2 melts. You can increase scent throw by adding more melts until you have reached your desired scent strength.

Devereux: Toes in the sand and warm sun on your face, is there anything better than a beach day? Refreshing hints of citrus awaken the senses while intoxicating aromas of sea salt and floral are warmed by sunny notes of oak and moss to making you feel like you're back at your favorite beach spot.

Crocker Park: This woody oceanic blend of jasmine and sandalwood blanketed by generous accords of white musk and patchouli will create an at home experience that transports you to your favorite park bench overlooking the harbor.

Peach's Point: A splash of fresh orange dances on ripe peach elevating the natural fruit aromas while sheer undertones of musk and vanilla add a softness to this fruity accord. Even though you won't find any peach trees on Peach's Point, this velvety blend is an absolute must have. 

Fort Sewall: A familiar classic scent with a modern twist. Refreshing hints of citrus and exotic florals are perfectly paired with the distinguished aromas of cedar, sandalwood, and musk to create this masculine, yet warm and delicate fragrance. Turn back time as this iconic comforting scent fills your home.

Surround yourself in comfort. Golden amber mingled with decadent aromas of cedar wood and tonka are wrapped in hints of vanilla making anywhere smell like home. 

Salty ocean air dances with warm spicy floral and rich woods as the afternoon tides leave behind hints of sea salt and sun kissed sweet amber. Get carried away to your favorite seaside escape or to relaxing summer days spent tucked away in our favorite sandy beach cove.